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Selecting the right forklift for your warehouse
Abused, battered and bruised, scratched, dented, overworked and generally badly maintained, a forklift’s lot is often not a happy one.Which is strange when you consider that if the forklift in your warehouse isn’t operating, chances are your warehouse isn’t, either.

Improving a company's efficiency begins in the warehouse
A clean, tidy and properly functioning warehouse is a sure sign of an efficient, well-run company. For any organization that carries inventory, the warehouse is a vital cog

It’s the pallet beneath your product that keeps your export business moving
This writer remembers well the sound of a pallet of pet food crashing to the floor from the raised ramp of a delivery truck. Most of the pet food was canned, 24 cans to a cardboard tray—each tray wrapped in clear plastic.

How conflict seeded the growth of the wood-pallet industry
In the early 30's it was a couple of days work for several men to unload a boxcar of canned goods. But the same task took only a few hours following the advent of wooden platforms (pallets) for stacking goods, and the associated machinery (forklifts) with which to move them.

One beetle's North American tour that isn't welcome
Try to export goods using wood packaging materials (WPM), that are not HT ISPM 15 compliant, and the repercussions will prove costly in terms of fines and delayed or even returned shipments.

Wood pallets—the truly green option
Plastic-pallet makers will tell you that using plastic pallets reduces deforestation and the associated landfill of used and broken wooden pallets.

Heat-treated, kiln-dried. Same thing, right? Not quite.
Confusion reigns over the subtle differences between the terms heat-treated (HT) and Kiln-dried (KD). This information is important as it has ramifications for HT ISPM 15 regulations.

Wood pallets versus plastic shipping pallets, you choos
The battle over the use of decaBDE (decabromodiphenyl ether) in plastic shipping pallets rages on, but it seems that the primary player is getting nervous. Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS), the most important plastic pallet supplier for the transport and the storage of food, had publicly posted a life cycle analysis (LCA) that showed that every one of its pallets contains 3.4 lbs of decaBDE

Wood pallet and crate manufacturing standards
With millions of pallets used worldwide, the pallet industry has clear specifications and requirements governing the manufacturing and distribution of wood pallets.

Worlds largest retailer banning products with PDBEs
Wal-Mart recently informed its suppliers that as of June 1, 2011, it will begin testing products to ensure that they do not contain the controversial flame retardant chemicals PBDEs.

Pallet and Container Manufacturers' Association (A.M.P.C.Q.)
LCN a Quebec Pallet and Container Manufacturers' Association (A.M.P.C.Q.) brings together companies from the wood manufacturing and distribution industry

ISPM15 adoption for WPM crossing U.S. and Canada borders
Earlier ISPM15 adoption for WPM crossing U.S. and Canada borders

ISPM 15 exemption to be removed between Canada and USA
Canada and the United States are in the process of reviewing a proposed amendment that would remove the exemption of ISPM 15 for shipping wood packaging materials between the two countries. Since December 2010, both countries have been looking into regulating wood packaging materials (WPM) crossing one another's border in the same manner as wood packaging material entering from other countries.

Shipping pallets
The "Great Recession" or the "Recession", the name likely varies depending on the age of the person you are speaking to, is a thing of the past according to economists. This recession, which started late in 2007 and ended in the summer of 2009, impacted the entire world economy.

The Food Safety Modernization Act, a new act that was just recently passed
The Food Safety Modernization Act, a new act that was just recently passed will “[…] give the U.S. federal government complete regulatory authority over the entire food production system and grant regulators mandatory recall authority; that ability currently resides with food producers. […] cost $1.4 billion between 2011 and 2015 […].” [1]

The importance of heat treated wood pallets and crates
It cannot be reiterated enough. The heat treatment of wood cases and shipping pallets is critical to the safety of consumers.

Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle
Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. We have all heard these three words and it seems that more and more people are actually realizing their true meaning.

From tructractor to forklift
The lift truck, also known as the forklift, is likely one of the most important, yet, often disregarded industrial advancements. This machine is extremely practical for moving goods over short distances.

The greener choice in shipping pallets
The entire transportation and warehousing industry relies on shipping pallets to increase the efficiency of material handling. Pallets are a necessity in the reality of worldwide shipping

The history and the evolution of wood pallets
Since the 1940s, the pallet has played a significant role in modern material handling. Pallets, combined with the forklift, have had the greatest influence on the way materials are handled, stored and shipped. In the 1930s, a boxcar with 13,000 cases of canned goods would take about 3 days to completely unload; these same canned goods loaded onto pallets took a mere 4 hours to unload.

Heat treated pallets
Recall of pharmaceutical products. On July 12, 2010, it was reported that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was recalling the following over-the-counter medicines.

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