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Heat Treatment

L.C.N. inc. was the first company in North America to offer heat treatment of assembled loading pallets.

Thanks to facilities on the cutting edge of technology, we have a daily production of 2,700 heat treated pallets that always meet the highest quality standards.

Control panel Forklift
Control panel Forklift



We guarantee our customers involved in the food and pharmaceutical industries that our products meet the strictest cleanliness and sterilization standards.

Advantages of heat treatment

Destroys parasites such as insects and larvae
Reduces the moisture content and weight of pallets
Facilitates pallet handling

Export your products without worry

All wood products used for exports must be heat treated.

At L.C.N. inc., we abide by the strictest international heat treatment standards in order to guarantee the destruction of larvae and parasites present in the wood components.

The heat treatment certificates we deliver are recognized by all countries participating in the Wood Packaging Certification program.

What’s more, because our internationally recognized certification number is stamped on our pallets, your products can move freely on all continents.

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