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About LCN inc.

With an annual production capacity of over 2 million pallets, L.C.N. inc. ranks among the largest pallet manufacturers in North America.

Our expertise enables us to meet the highest standards while remaining very competitive on the market.

Pallet manufacturing expert Pallets manufacturer

A leader in our industry

As a leader in the field for more than 50 years, we have always considered it very important to improve our products and continuously upgrade our manufacturing processes.

We would like to emphasize the following facts about L.C.N. inc.:

First pallet company in Québec to acquire an automated assembly system.

Pallet manufacturer Pallets manufacturing

First company in North America to offer heat treatment for assembled pallets.

Today and millions of pallets later, the same desire for excellence motivates L.C.N. inc. to combine our flexibility, reliability, and performance in order to manufacture pallets and crates which meet the requirements and needs of our clientele.


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L.C.N inc.
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