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Selecting the right forklift for your warehouse
Abused, battered and bruised, scratched, dented, overworked and generally badly maintained, a forklift’s lot is often not a happy one.Which is strange when you consider that if the forklift in your warehouse isn’t operating, chances are your warehouse isn’t, either.

Improving a company's efficiency begins in the warehouse
A clean, tidy and properly functioning warehouse is a sure sign of an efficient, well-run company. For any organization that carries inventory, the warehouse is a vital cog

It’s the pallet beneath your product that keeps your export business moving
This writer remembers well the sound of a pallet of pet food crashing to the floor from the raised ramp of a delivery truck. Most of the pet food was canned, 24 cans to a cardboard tray—each tray wrapped in clear plastic.

How conflict seeded the growth of the wood-pallet industry
In the early 30's it was a couple of days work for several men to unload a boxcar of canned goods. But the same task took only a few hours following the advent of wooden platforms (pallets) for stacking goods, and the associated machinery (forklifts) with which to move them.

One beetle's North American tour that isn't welcome
Try to export goods using wood packaging materials (WPM), that are not HT ISPM 15 compliant, and the repercussions will prove costly in terms of fines and delayed or even returned shipments.

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Manufacturer of Wooden Pallets and Crates

At L.C.N. inc., we specialize in the manufacturing of loading pallets and wooden crates. We offer an unlimited amount of models and will custom-make pallets and crates to meet your needs.

L.C.N. inc. is fortified with the knowledge and expertise acquired through more than 50 years of manufacturing millions of pallets, and we continue to maintain high standards for quality and excellence.

Today, we combine our flexibility, reliability and performance in our constant goal of manufacturing wood pallets and crates that will meet the requirements and needs of our customers' needs.

L.C.N. inc:
  - Stands among the largest pallet manufacturers in North America - annual production capacity of over 2 million pallets
  - Industry leader for over 50 years
  - Expertise and high tech manufacturing which allows us to offer very competitive rates while meeting the industry's highest standards
  - North America's first company to offer heat treatment for assembled pallets
  - Quebec's first pallet company to acquire an automated assembly system

Doing business with L.C.N. inc. allows your company to move forward through our offer of first quality products, reliable and personalized service, as well as quick turnaround to your requests.

At L.C.N. inc. we offer just-in-time delivery, providing you with the pallets or wooden crates you need when you need them. We are able to store thousands of products specifically designed for our customers, which enables us to supply our customers with the products they need and require in virtually no time.

To guarantee your satisfaction and your peace of mind, and to facilitate the export of your merchandise, L.C.N. inc. is the proud bearer of the following standardization certificates:

  - ISO 9001-2008
  - Canadian Food Inspection Agency (ISPM 15)
  - Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) 
  - Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)
  - Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)