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Purchasing Guide

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a loading product.

Besides the size, style, type and model of pallet or crate, we take several crucial parameters into consideration when we design a product for a customer.
Here are some of the elements that we will assess with you in order to offer you a product that meets your needs:

Unit load

What is the value of the merchandise to be loaded?
How much does it weigh?
What size is it?
What type of packaging is used?
What types of ties are used to secure it?

Storage environment

What type of loading equipment is being used?
How much vertical clearance is required under the upper deck surface?
Does the pallet need to have a bottom deck?
Is it better to have a pallet with 2 entries, 4 entries or blocks?
What tolerances are required for the storage, palletization and transport systems?


Shipping environment

Is there an advantage to returning the pallet or reusing the crate?
Can the available cubic space be optimized?
Is it necessary to participate in a pallet exchange program?

Pallets manufacturer Dried pallets
LCN wooden crates Wooden Crate from LCN

At L.C.N. inc., the combination of our excellent workmanship and cutting-edge technology enables us to meet the exact requirements and expectations of our customers in terms of shipping pallets and wooden crates. Whether you are looking to purchase standard or custom wood pallets or crates, L.C.N. inc. will guide you in the selection or the custom-design of the pallets and the crates to match your specific shipping and exporting needs. With 50 years of experience in manufacturing wood pallets and crates, LCN inc. continues to maintain its high standards for quality and excellence. All the pallets components used in the manufacturing of our shipping products are selected according to the standards defined by the Quebec Pallet and Container Manufacturers Association (A.M.P.C.Q.).

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