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Wooden Crates

At L.C.N. inc., we offer an unlimited amount of models and standard size wooden crates as well as custom designed and manufactured wooden crates.

Experience and expertise
Our years of experience and expertise in manufacturing wooden crates will allow us to help you determine the best item for your specific shipping requirements. Our know how enables us to meet the highest standards while remaining very competitive on the market

Each of our wood cases are manufactured with detail, quality and care using quality components to ensure that each crate is void of defects which may affect the durability and the performance of the final product.



Wooden Crates
   Long wooden Crates





Workmanship and technology
At L.C.N. inc., the combination of our excellent workmanship and our cutting edge-technology allows us to be the most flexible and reliable quality custom wooden crates manufacturer and enables us to meet the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers.

Our wooden crate design and carpentry teams will custom build your wooden crates using computer generated images or files from your own drawings.

Small or large wooden crates
From compact and easy to handle crates for your smaller shipping needs to large wooden crates that are custom designed and manufactured in order to safely bundle, wrap and ship your machinery and equipment for delivery to your customers.

Feel free to send us your drawings or to inform us of your needs so that we can quote your custom wooden crate project.

L.C.N. inc. is a manufacturer of quality standard and custom wooden crates.




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