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Wood Species

L.C.N. inc. uses both hardwood and softwood to manufacture wood pallets and wooden crates. Our annual production capacity of over 2 million pallets ranks us among the largest wooden pallet manufacturers in North America.


Hardwood and Softwood
As a general rule, hardwood originates from deciduous trees, those which lose their leaves annually, and softwood originates from resinous trees, those which remain evergreen year long.


The wood used to manufacture wooden pallets and crates can typically be divided into three categories:

- High-density hardwood

   Birch, cherry, oak, maple, ash, beech, yellow birch, elm and red maple

- Low-density hardwood
  Walnut, poplar, willow, linden and aspen

- Softwood
  Cedar, cypress, spruce, pine, hemlock spruce and fir

Quality wood components
Our wood crates and wooden pallets are manufactured using quality wood components which are standard in size and free from defects which could potentially affect the durability and the performance of our finished products.

Wood products High-density hardwood

Transport pallet Wooden pallet for exports

Defined standards
At L.C.N. inc., the components that are used to manufacture our wood pallets and wooden crates are selected based on the standards defined by the Quebec Pallet and Container Manufacturers Association (A.M.P.C.Q.).

Heat treatment
All our wood pallets and wooden crates can be sterilized using heat treatment. At L.C.N. inc., our heat treatment process follows the most severe international heat treatment standards to ensure that any larvae and parasites that are present in the wood components will be destroyed.


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