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Safe food - Healthy consumers

The Food Safety Modernization Act, a new act that was just recently passed will "[...] give the U.S. federal government complete regulatory authority over the entire food production system and grant regulators mandatory recall authority; that ability currently resides with food producers. [...] cost $1.4 billion between 2011 and 2015 [...]." [1]

This act will most likely affect all industries involved with the food industry, but the details are not yet clear. Many rumours are circulating in regards to this act, one which suggests the elimination of wood shipping pallets in the food industry. It is important to not forget that the food industry has trusted wood pallets for more than 60 years and that independent laboratory testing clearly demonstrates and documents the fact that wooden pallets are the cleanest and safest method for transporting consumable goods. Particularly, heat treated pallets which are sterilized by heating the pallets until they reach a core temperature of at least 56 °C (132.8 °F) for a minimum of 30 minutes. Heat treatment relies only on heat to sterilize and cleanse wood pallets; no chemicals are used during the heat treatment process which makes this sterilization method ideal for transporting consumable goods.

History in the making
This new act, adopted by Congress and President Obama, is the first ever complete overhaul involving the food safety program at Food and Drug Administration. This Act grants the FDA more control over the food industry and will allow the FDA to take on a preventive approach rather than simply a reactive one.

Several years
Although the effectiveness of this Act will only be felt in a few years when all provisions have been clearly documented and successfully implemented, let's look at a few of the immediate changes.

- Mandatory recalls: In the past, delayed recalls have had significant consequences. This new provision is expected to reduce the time that the FDA spends negotiating with companies over voluntary recalls.
- Consumer friendly website: By April 2011, the FDA will have a website that allows consumers to easily search for product specific information, as well as the latest recall status.
- Notices to consumers: Locations where recall notices should be posted in grocery stores will be identified by the FDA; within 18 months, food companies will have to provide notices to the grocery stores.

The objective of the Food Safety Modernization Act is to foil food contamination. The many provisions will not only impact the food industry, but all industries involved with the food industry. Time will tell what changes will be required within the shipping be continued.

L.C.N. inc. is a wooden crate and wood pallet manufacturer. With an annual production capacity of over 2 million pallets, L.C.N. inc. ranks among the largest pallet manufacturers in North America. At L.C.N. inc., we guarantee that our wood pallets and wooden crates meet the strictest cleanliness and sterilization standards which are mandatory in the pharmaceutical and food industries.


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