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Shipping pallets - a sign of the times

The "Great Recession" or the "Recession", the name likely varies depending on the age of the person you are speaking to, is a thing of the past according to economists. This recession, which started late in 2007 and ended in the summer of 2009, impacted the entire world economy.

Even though the economy is improving, the effects of this recession are still felt in several sectors, not to mention in many individuals' minds and wallets; high unemployment rates and economic adversity still linger in many countries.

When the market crashed on 2007 a lot of people lost their jobs, their homes and their investments. For many, this period marked the beginning of a new behaviour and a new way of living: limit spending and save money. For countless companies, from electronic stores to shipping pallet manufacturers, this time likely represented a slowdown in business.

Recession defined
A recession is a time of overall economic decline that is generally characterized by a lower gross domestic product for a minimum of two successive quarters. A recession is often accompanied by an increase in the unemployment rate, a substantial drop in the stock market and a decline in the housing market.

Manufacturing industry
With a drop in the economy and a reduction in consumer spending, the manufacturing industry was one of the hardest hit. A decrease in sales results in a decrease in manufacturing, which in turn impacts the transportation industry and the pallet industry. Fewer shipments mean fewer shipping pallets.

Consumer confidence
Although economists have been saying for some time now that the Great Recession is over, it appears, that consumers are beginning to agree. There is an increase in consumer confidence, consumers are starting to spend more and enhanced spending is a sure sign of economic recovery.

Indicators of economic progress
It is the sale of products and services which stimulate the economy; therefore an increase of sales is a significant indicator of economic progress. Industries which are directly related to the flow of products, such as trucking companies and wood pallet manufacturers are good indicators of retail sales performances and changes in the economy.

A demand for shipping pallets is certainly a positive sign and an excellent indicator of the state of our economy; additional wood pallets and wooden crates indicate consumers are purchasing products.

L.C.N. inc. is a leading wood pallet and wooden crate manufacturer in North America and has been an industry leader for 50 years. At L.C.N. inc. we offer just-in-time delivery, providing you with the pallets or wooden crates you need when you need them. We offer an infinite number of wood pallet models and we will custom manufacture wooden pallets and wood crates to meet your needs.

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