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Pallet and shipping crates manufacturing

The Quebec Pallet and Container Manufacturers' Association (A.M.P.C.Q.) brings together companies from the wood manufacturing and distribution industry in the goal of promoting the use and manufacturing of wood pallets and crates all the while meeting the needs of the customer and respecting the environment.

A.M.P.C.Q. members include wood pallet and shipping crate manufacturers as well as goods and services providers from the shipping industry.

A.M.P.C.Q. membership is done on a voluntary basis and members agree to build pallets and crates in compliance with the association's established standards. The association is a useful resource for manufacturers in terms of material and components selection and the production of quality shipping products.

Wood pallets and the environment
Contrary to popular belief, wood pallet manufacturing does not involve trees being cut down for the sole purpose of building shipping products. The wood pallet industry uses wood that has essentially been rejected for other uses and if not used to manufacture wood pallets and wooden crates, would end up being used as fuel or in the pulp and paper industry. The wooden pallet industry has been using this type of value-added wood for more than 50 years.

4R's of environmental management

Wooden crates and pallets are:
- Renewable: Wood pallets and crates are manufactured using a renewable material.
- Reusable: Wood shipping pallets and crates can be used for as many as 100 back and forth trips.
- Repairable: For much less than the cost of replacement, pallets and crates can be repaired.
- Recyclable: Non repairable wooden pallets and crates are recycled by taking them apart and reusing the components to manufacture additional pallets; the non reusable wood components can be used to produce wood shavings or as firewood.

L.C.N. inc. is a wooden crate and wood pallet manufacturer. All of our wood pallets and crates are manufactured in accordance with the standards and requirements defined by the Quebec Pallet and Container Manufacturers Association (A.M.P.C.Q.).

Each and every component that is used to manufacture our wood pallets and wooden crates is of the highest quality to ensure that our products provide you with the ultimate shipping solution for your valuable merchandise.

L.C.N. inc. abides by the strictest international heat treatment standards to guarantee that our shipping products meet the strictest sanitation and sterilization requirements that are compulsory in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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