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L.C.N. inc. is a wooden crate and wood pallet manufacturer. Each of our wood pallets and wooden crates are manufactured with care using only the highest quality components.

Quality components resulting in a quality product
Every component used to manufacture our wood pallets and wooden crates is selected in order to guarantee that all our products offer the best packing solution for your precious cargo and merchandise.

The selection of quality components when manufacturing wood pallets and wooden crates is of outmost importance since the quality of each component has a direct impact on the finished product.


Quality components for a quality product


Wood components
All of the wood components that go into our wood crates and pallets are standard in size and are free from defects which could affect the durability and the performance of our finished products.

The type of nails that are used in the manufacturing of our wooden crates and wood pallets is of the utmost importance to us. By carefully considering the length, diameter, heat treatment and the distribution of the nails that are used in the manufacturing process we are able to increase the quality and the strength of our pallets and crates.

Defined standards
At L.C.N. inc., all the components used in the manufacturing of our shipping products are selected based on the standards defined by the Quebec Pallet and Container Manufacturers Association (A.M.P.C.Q.).

Heat treatment
At L.C.N. inc., we abide by the strictest international heat treatment standards in order to guarantee the destruction of any larvae and parasites that are present in the wood components.

Our heat treatment process meets the strictest international standards (NIMP-15):

     - It is recognized by all countries participating in the Wood Packaging Certification program;
     - It allows your shipment to move freely on all continents;
     - It destroys parasites such as insects and larvae;
     - It prevents the risk of contamination of the shipped product;
     - It reduces the moisture content and the weight of the pallets.

At L.C.N. inc., we guarantee that our wood pallets and wooden crates meet the most severe cleanliness and sterilization standards which are mandatory in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

All our wood pallets and wooden crates can be sterilized using heat treatment.

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