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It's the pallet beneath your product that keeps your export business moving

This writer remembers well the sound of a pallet of pet food crashing to the floor from the raised ramp of a delivery truck. Most of the pet food was canned, 24 cans to a cardboard tray—each tray wrapped in clear plastic. Maybe there were 10 or 12 cases to each layer on the pallet—and maybe the pallet stood ten-layers high—I really don't remember. What I do remember, though, is that they were heavy loads. real heavy! And I also remember that whenever they crashed to the floor, which, believe it or not, was quite often, they made a Hell of a racket and caused an awful mess. What never clicked with me at the time (I was a young grocery-store assistant) was that I was watching a company's profits hit the sidewalk time after time. What a waste.


Because a product was loaded onto the wrong pallet for the job.

Simple as that. 

Crazy, I know.

Are you a new entrepreneur just starting out and need to move product lines nationally or Internationally? Are you a company that can't understand why you are experiencing so much damage to your inventory during transit? It cannot be stated forcefully enough. Selecting the right pallet for the task at hand is vital to the successful running of your business. Remember, it's the pallets that are carrying your inventory. The carriers are only delivering it. You need to ensure that the pallets you use to carry your goods are the right ones for the task at hand:

• Is your pallet supplier a reputable company, manufacturing a quality product?
• Are the pallets you use the correct dimensions to carry your product?
• Can they carry the weight of your product?
• Do you require your pallets to be two-way or four-way?
• Are your pallets HT ISPM 15 compliant?

There are many questions that you need to ask. And they are all vital to the success of your business, because the delivery of your product depends on you using the right pallet for the job.

L.C.N. specialize in the manufacture of wooden pallets. All models are available, and custom sizes can be made to order to fit your specific needs. L.C.N. use only the highest-quality components in their pallet construction, ensuring a tough and reliable product. And L.C.N. were the first company in North America to offer heat treatment to assembled pallets, meaning your inventory can be transported throughout the world without let or hindrance.

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