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Improving a company's efficiency begins in the warehouse

A  clean, tidy and properly functioning warehouse is a sure sign of an efficient, well-run company. For any organization that carries inventory, the warehouse is a vital cog. But it's amazing how many companies do not pay the warehouse the attention it deserves. What's equally amazing is that it doesn't require a huge investment of time or money to produce a quality warehouse set up.   

Reorganize SKU slotting periodically
Warehouses that contain seasonal inventory or regular "specials" inventory should be reorganized from a slotting perspective on a regular basis. The key here is to keep the fast-moving product lines as close to the loading bay as possible. The less touches each product receives and the quicker in and out the stock moves, the better the bottom line.

Clean the warehouse regularly
It's unreal how much damaged or returned inventory is left lying around in the average warehouse. Cluttered aisles, pallets of returned items that need to be moved to get a other stock. Damaged and returned goods cost time, and time equals money. Damaged and returned inventory should be tagged quickly and then dealt with immediately according to company policy.

Improve the efficiency of the receiving area
The receiving area is the heart of the warehouse. Ideally it should be an office close to the loading an unloading area. The office should be for authorized personnel only and contain all the equipment needed for the warehouse manager to perform his or her duties competently.

Look after warehouse staff
They handle a company's cash every day. Good staff are hard to find for any position these days let alone one of the most important areas in a company. Treating warehouse staff well means paying a competitive salary and offering a good benefits package. Team building and leadership meetings are just as important to your warehouse staff as any other department in the company. Finally, ensure your staff are fully trained in the latest warehousing techniques and have the latest equipment with which to perform their tasks.

By following these simple principles, companies can dramatically improve their efficiency and productivity. 

L.C.N. specialize in the manufacturing of wood pallets and wooden crates. The company offers an unlimited amount of models and will custom-make pallets and crates to meet your needs. L.C.N. has been manufacturing pallets for over 50 years, and is recognized for its high standards, quality and excellence. 

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