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How conflict seeded the growth of the wood-pallet industry

Believe it or not we can thank the Second World War for the meteoric growth of the wood-pallet manufacturing industry.

In the early 30's it was a couple of days work for several men to unload a boxcar of canned goods. But the same task took only a few hours following the advent of wooden platforms (pallets) for stacking goods, and the associated machinery (forklifts) with which to move them. This combination of speed and reduced manpower was vital to the war effort, so it was during the war years and immediately after that plenty of R&D time and money was invested in the wood-packaging material (WPM) industry. 

Fast forward to today, and you can see how the industry has expanded.

It's estimated there are about two billion pallets in use every day in the United States alone, with well over 500 million more made or repaired each year. Wooden pallets account for over 90 per cent of all pallets in circulation, and total growth in the industry averages around one per cent each year.

Many companies don't realize that there are many different types of pallet dimensions in use today around the world. For example, the most commonly used pallet in North America is the Grocery Manufacturers' Association (GMA) pallet. This pallet accounts for almost one third of new pallets produced in the United States each year. For the safe and on-time delivery of your company's products from manufacturing plant to client, it's vital that you take the time to select the right pallet for the task at hand. To do this there are many questions you need to answer. You can either undertake this time-consuming task yourself, or you can contact an accredited wooden-pallet manufacturer who will be able to address all of your packaging questions, and give you the best advice for your needs.

LCN are industry leaders in the manufacture of wood pallets and crates. The company has an annual production capacity of over two million pallets. LCN was the first company in North America to offer heat treatment for assembled pallets—part of the HT ISPM 15 certification program that is a legal requirement for all export markets.

To benefit from LCN's expertise and competitive rates, contact them today.

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